Administration & HR

THE SKKYBRAND delivers high quality administrative support services to federal and commercial customers, contributing directly to their positive mission outcomes, and establishing this THE SKKYBRAND division as a vital component of our services.  There are times when the daily flow of administrative tasks prevents your team from focusing on achieving larger objectives.  Whether you are building a program from the ground up, solving a short-term need, or shifting responsibilities for the long term, THE SKKYBRAND is your trusted partner in outsourcing administrative support services.

THE SKKYBRAND’s commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients is apparent in the quality and capabilities of the administrative support service professionals utilized to support our clients.  THE SKKYBRAND provides executive level administrative support services and clerical support services focused on increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, communication, and general support for Federal Executives such as Chief Financial Officers, Operations Directors, and sub-organization leadership.  The THE SKKYBRAND Team ensures the highest qualifications and utilizes extreme care in selecting all our administrative support professionals in order to ensure that the qualifications, experience, and initiative of those individuals are beyond the expectation of our clients.

Our professional team members have a wide variety of experience in assisting our clients with various administrative needs, including:

Project Management
Financial Management
Human Resources
Secretarial and Clerical Support
Records Management
Transcription and Word Processing Support
Mailroom Support
Research Analysis
Reception & Customer Service

No matter the scope or timeline of your project, we will integrate with your team to provide help from behind the scenes, allowing for united, effective progress toward reaching your goals. To our clients, we’re the secret ingredient behind their success.


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